Three Trees: Willow
2015 (04:00)
Text by Wally Gunn and Jenise Treuting
Solo drum kit
Commissioned by Jason Treuting

Program Notes
This is a first showing of a work-in-progress collaboration with Jason Treuting, percussionist, and Jenise Treuting, writer and translator of Japanese. I met with Jason last year to talk about me writing him a piece for solo drum set. We talked about incorporating text, and he mentioned his talented sister Jenise, and how he’d like to make work with her. I made contact with Jenise early this year, and we swapped some ideas about text for the piece via email. When I prompted her with ideas about willow trees and weeping, she replied with a few beautifully researched and written paragraphs about related ideas and images she had observed in Japanese language and culture; some of it in Japanese, and some translated into English. I pulled gorgeous poetic fragments from her email—just from the body of her email; it was so beautifully written—and began using it as source text for the piece. Willow—so far—contains this cut-up spoken-word poetry, and rhythm patterns inspired by haiku. I feel like there is more to explore in this piece, so I’m looking forward to developing it further with my collaborators.
– WG, 2015

First performed by
Jason Treuting

Three Trees: Willow . Catalogue 120 . Copyright © Wally Gunn and Jenise Treuting . March 2015