Seven Shells
2016 (06:00)

Text by Wally Gunn
Solo prepared drum kit and speaking voice
Commissioned by Becca Doughty and consortium

Commissioned by Becca Doughty and consortium

Colin Dees
Abigail Fisher
Christopher Gunnell
Oliver Molina
Felix Miguel Reyes
Ian Rosenbaum
Nicholas Samuels
Paul Stevens

Thanks to
Becca Doughty
Consortium members
Chief Norris Howard of the Pocomoke Indian Nation
Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum, Pocomoke City, MD
Cheryl Doughty and Sam Doughty
Eric Shuster
Ian Rosenbaum
Terrence Hunt
The New York Public Library
Laura Redish, Director, and Orrin Lewis, Tribal Coordinator, of Native Languages of the Americas website
Delaware Tribe of Indians and the Lenape Talking Dictionary
Evolution Publishing, for their American Language Reprint series

Seven Shells . Catalogue 133 . Copyright © Wally Gunn . October 2016