One Good Life
2017 (05:30)
Text by Maria Zajkowski
Tenor voice and piano
Written for Jonathan MacArthur and Darren Creech

One Good Life

A lie, so handsome
a boy might laugh
at nights in your name,
the fear I don’t believe
comes from the tongue
the tongue of the moon,
a light to be spoken

The sin of the sun
and the way we look to it
free will, so far in your eyes,
the place where we meet
following thunder

Do you know this one
good life and its taking,
the beats of our flight
under falling of fear,
between darkness that calls
from my prison to yours
mine to yours

If we run and run
out of time, take this promise
and ride away stars,
I’ll always lie true

Do you know this one good life
how this moonlight is made,
keep me there where you are.

– Maria Zajkowski

Jonathan Russell MacArthur, tenor
Darren Creech, piano

One Good Life . Catalogue 134 . Copyright © Maria Zajkowski & Wally Gunn . March 2017