2016 (08:30)
Flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, contrabass
Written for Ensemble Mise-En

Program Note
Interior was written over four intensive days and workshopped over three more at the I-Park Composers and Musicians Collaborative Residency in East Saddam, CT. Each day I was able to enjoy walks through the woods at dawn. These quiet and meditative walks not only created the space and time for thought, but also allowed for observation of the thought process itself. The observations must have seeped into the writing of the piece, which seems to narrate how, amid a silence, a thought can arrive unbidden. Then another, and then another. Until the thoughts begin to link up to form a longer train of thought—sometimes clumsily, and sometimes going round in circles.
– WG, 2016

Ensemble Mise-en
Kelley Barnett, flute
Vasko Dukovsky, clarinet
Mark Broschinsky, trombone
Yumi Suehiro, piano
Jessica Park, violin
Evan Runyon, contrabass
Moon Young Ha, conductor

Interior . Catalogue 128 . Copyright © Wally Gunn . August 2016