Can You Hear Me?
2012 (09:00)
Piano, drum kit and percussion
Written for futureCities

Video: Can You Hear Me? by Wally Gunn, performed by Passepartout Duo, 2016

Can You Hear Me? (09:00)
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Can You Hear Me?
A conversation between two people involves both text and subtext; some meaning is conveyed in words, while other, simultaneous meanings are conveyed in “codes.” Can You Hear Me? explores the idea of communication. Inspired by collaborations with my late friend Baterz, songwriter, who long ago introduced me to the notion of creating music with die-rolls or telephone numbers, and conversations with my friend and colleague Kate Neal, composer, who has researched in depth the idea of communication through encryptions, notations and choreographies, I attempted to write a piece of my own which utilised Morse code to generate material. The piece is in two movements, as if two people are recounting the same conversation. And like two people who might recount the same conversation, the two versions contain similar material, but differ markedly in the way they are expressed.

– WG, 2012


Drum kit

Anne Rainwater, piano
Jude Traxler, percussion

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