Bare White Bones
2016 (10:00)

Text by Wally Gunn and James Gunn
Flute, percussion

Commissioned by Gemini Duo and consortium

Program Note
Coming soon

Percussion Instrument List
crotale (sounding D7, in high octave set) or galvanised steel pipe D7

toy piano
concert bass drum (or resonant floor tom)
foot pedal tamborine (or stomp on resonant board with ankle bells)
glock mallets
bass drum beaters

Gemini Duo
Robert Guilford, percussion
Kristen McGuire, flute

Commissioning Consortium
Tessa Brinkman
Robert Cotrell
Matthew Ernster
Joanna Goldstein
Jalene Huang
Shane Jones
Tyler Mashek
Alex Monroe
Terry Longshore
David Ramirez
Tim Shuster
Chelsea Tanner
Jeffrey Vaughn
Lauren Watkins
Ian Wenz
Gloria Yehilevsky

Bare White Bones . Catalogue 125 . Copyright © Wally Gunn and James Gunn . August 2016